Industrial sewing machine

We help you  to find the right industrial sewing machine for your needs. Contact our sales team for personal assistance with the choice of a sewing machine that suits your needs.

Different materials

To find the industrial sewing machine that best suits your needs, we always do sewing sessions with the desired material. Then we present the industrial sewing machines that best suits your sewing operation.

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We have extensive experience in industrial sewing together with our suppliers. We offer high quality industrial sewing machines that are ISO certified and have already proven themselves throughout Europe. Our machines come from leading suppliers in the industrial sewing machine market, which gives our machines high resale value and spare parts security as well as the service available during the operating life of the machines.


Our technicians receive continuous training directly from our suppliers so that we can provide our customers with our experience and expertise in terms of after-sales service.

Our different industrial sewing machines
One or two stitching machine needles with alternating feeding needles and crowbars
Overlock or double lock sewing machines
Machine for closing and slide
Flatlock Machines
Sewing machine with high speed remote arms
Sewing machine with invisible stitches
Border band machines
fur Sewing machines
Training equipment
Sewing machine

Who are our customers:

Our machines are used in all internationally renowned sewing industries. We have industrial sewing machines for all types of sewing from small to large scale.

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