The tapestry usually consists to highlight the clothing of the furniture. It demands for proven expertise.

Scantima is the pioneer supplier in West Africa in terms of industrial sewing machines and accessories.

Our sewing machines fit perfectly with the fabric for furniture and leather thanks to alternative of doe and knitting needles.

The decorator will profit from using our modern quality sewing machines because it allows him to:

  • Save time and electricity
  • To have an automatic wire cutting-system
  • Preserve the environment with a built-in silent motor
  • Etc

Scantima offers you the sewing machine that nowadays is essential in finishing a high quality work. We also offer all useful accessories for the use of the tapestry.

Induktas maskiner för tryckeribranschen Digital printing

The digital printing market, such as banners and banderols, require post-processing. Scantima provides complete solutions for sewing, welding and eyelet . We make your work easy through our own guides and tools, tailored according to the needs of the customer.

We offer all accessories for digital printing of high quality.

Maskiner för tvätteri Laundry

The laundry is aimed at both natural and legal persons with services such as the maintenance of textiles.

Our industrial sewing machines are used for upholstering, repairing, marking and maintenance of textiles throughout Sweden for laundry.

We offer the washing industry special machines with a focus on ergonomics such as steam ironing tables.
We also provide ironing and pressing equipment for both professional and personal use.


Indukta levererar symaskiner och tråd till skomakeri Shoe Repairing

We approach two targets, shoemakers and shoe manufacturers. Industrial sewing machines with free arms and control point management are machines used by actors in the shoemaking sector. Scantima supplies accessories and spare parts for conventional sewing machines such as Adler 30, 29K singer and Claes KL.

Help your customers extend the life of their shoes and leather goods. With our machines, you can repair shoes for men, women and other riding equipment, boots, loafers and also make repairs of shoemaking and lining / sewing operations on special materials and change of closure on boots and bags.

Saddle & Leather

Leather crafts such as saddle manufacturing, upholstery and saddle renovations require a robust saddle machine.

Saddle manufacturing such as the refurbishment and repair of harnesses and halters and the production of belts and braces are activities that require having saddle machines.
The decorative manufacture of saddles and bags as well as their repair also use robust sewing machines for leather etc.
To learn more about car seat manufacturing visit the industry “Car” industry.



this rubric is intended for new production, modifications and repairs of sail, awnings, cushions and other interior decorative items for boats. Our customers vary between large manufacturers and small actor. We help you find a good machine for all materials.

  • Single sewing machine needle with alternating presser foot and feed needle, equipped with wire cutter and automatic adjustment.
  • Elongated arm sewing machine with zigzag and sail stitching
  • Robust sewing machine with long arm and zigzag for sewing thick sails. Switchable between regular zigzag and triple zigzag.
  • Pattern of sewing machines for example PVC reinforcements, called “Norway-patch”.
Special solution

We are currently working with several quality machine manufacturers for various custom solutions on cutting and marking. This is all about the manufacturing tools for programmable sewing machine to adjust the robotic work.

We have the expertise and experience in automation in the following areas:

Cold welding
hot air welding
flat welding
ultra sound
chopped off
Collage with roller application
Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about your project.

Embroidery / Profilling

Embroidery is an interesting and creative sector. With the use of design software and embroidery machines develops from simple embroidery profiling to colorful fashion front decoration.

Embroidery is always present on the garment or towel and send a message.

It gives a professional look that is durable and conveys your brand by becoming a part of the garment.

We always provide training for the embroidery machines we sell.

Complete your existing business with the “DTG” as a cost-effective way to print directly on textiles, printing with the highest quality without long downtime.

Interior decor

Quality machines from Dürkopp Adler and Mitsubishi meet the requirements of the automotive industry for a perfect and durable sewing for safer and more comfortable cars. The upholstery of cars, interiors and high quality safety equipment requires good equipment.

Large manufacturers as well as small and medium entreprises need tools and machines as a complement to great professional skills and craftsmanship.

Our machines can help with adaptations of motorcycle saddles, rugs, headrests, scooter cushions, hoods, seats, vinyl roof, leather and vinyl repair, complete leather interiors, airplanes, as well as buses and helicopter interiors.

Workshop and dressmaker

In most sewing shops, new products and services are created for the repair and modification of all types of clothing, such as winter coats, jackets, dresses and jeans. To face all these problems of the craft sewing, the necessity of several types of special machines is essencial.

We offer different options such as overhead machines, ZZ217 embrodery, buttonholes, stitcher etc.

Why not design your own hemming machine and let it become a decorative element at home or in your store?

Interior decoration

Interior decoration is the manufacture of textiles for decoration such as curtains, bed covers, tablecloths, towels, shades, cushions and rugs. For many years, the interest in furniture has grown, which means that there are many home textile manufacturers that offer high quality products. We supply machines for cutting, sewing and pressing for most manufacturers in Europe.

  • Special machines for hems, eyelets and in the slide seam
  • Ironing boards suitable for curtains
  • Lift Hose and Machines for Carpets
  • Embroidery machines


The garment industry is the part of the sewing industry relating to the manufacture of the garment factory. Minimalist and extravagant clothing such as shirts, jeans, overalls or clothing. All this requires a solid job. We approach small and medium sewing company to the largest manufacturers.

We have a complete range of products, from simple sewing machines, buttonhole machines, pressing equipment to the most advanced automatic machines.

Textile technique

The textile technique is a vast area. In addition to sewing, we offer techniques such as wedge welding, hot air and ultra sound and touch-cut, rotary knife and ultra sound.

Our customers manufacture among others:

  • Filter bags and tubes including polypropylene, polyamide, polyester and PTFE.
  • Polyester and polypropylene geotextiles for buoyancy, filtration, protection against erosion and reinforcement
  • Awnings and sun protection in acrylic, PVC, polystyrene and fiberglass.
  • Airbags

  • Cargo lashing, straps and straps with flange and cross stitching. Hot and cold cut.
  • Polyester tent coated with nylon fabric.
  • Welding protection and industrial curtains in PVC.
  • Blinds and blackout curtains.
  • Tarpaulins, truck cover and platform protection.
  • Pool cover and solar sails

Our machines are used for custom orthopedic appliances for invalids.

  • Orthotics – for example knee protection, for sports activities support corsets
  • prosthesis – made for each individual patient
  • chair for wheelchairs and regular chairs
  • shoe and shoemaker