Who we are?

About Scantima
Scantima is a subsidiary of Sweden-based Indukta AB with 50 years of experience and specializes in Industrial sewing machines for textile processing. Our procedures are well established, our qualified staff and the high quality of the products we hold and the services we provide to our customers, allows us to have their satisfaction.

We value our customers for which they are today at the heart of our thinking. So we put at our disposal our know-how and our know-how.

To offer the best fashion and sewing industry to all industries when it comes to industrial sewing machines, accessories, equipment and other services for demanding production.

Our Story
Indukta AB, owned by Scantimagroupe, a founding member of Scantima GmbH was established more than 50 years ago as a subsidiary of Husqvarna AB the former arms factory for the sale of industrial sewing machines. In 1958, the company was relocated to the Borås region, which was then the center of the Swedish textile industry.

Since Husqvarna discontinued manufacturing of industrial sewing machines, Indukta has completed the program, obtaining exclusive licenses from several of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial sewing machines and related products such as cutting equipment, knitting machines, welding machines with hot or cold area, embroidery machines, computer-controlled cutting, textile printers, etc.

Over time, Swedish textile production has been shifted to countries where production costs are lower, Indukta has geographically distributed its operations and is represented today with sister companies or partners in Denmark, Finland, Poland in Norway and Senegal.

Our premises

Our Senegal subsidiary covering West Africa is located at Liberté 6 extension, 207 Moustapha Building opposite Camp Leclerc, Dakar – SENEGAL .

Please contact us before your visit to enable us to prepare the machine (s) that interests you.